About Wicked Erotic

Wicked Erotic is an adult, kinky fetish company curating handmade fetish gear in the Northeast United States. Our products are created by local craftspeople with roots in Western Massachusetts spreading across the region. We pride ourselves on connecting kinksters to quality, handcrafted products and services. Wicked Erotic is owned and operated by a collective of queer kinksters brought together by a desire to create an inclusive, accessible, safe space for people to explore themselves. Kink is for everyone! 

We’re here to help you discover yourself, no matter who you are. Wicked Erotic is looking to provide that friendly local sex shop vibe to every customer and community member we come across, whether you’re visiting our website or our booth at a convention. 

 Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @wicked_erotic for the latest product updates, area events, giveaways and other promotions! 

 Contact us at: [email protected]

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